Faculty of Social Sciences


The primary goal of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to serve the public interest by providing high-quality education through both single-discipline and multidisciplinary programs that shape students into socially committed citizens. Its wide range of programs and learning experience opportunities tap directly into the cutting-edge research conducted by our professors. On the strength of these programs, our graduates make concrete contributions to Canadian society and to the international community. In working towards this goal, the Faculty believes the quality of your student experience is at the heart of its mission and its strategic planning.

The Faculty takes pride in its history, its bilingual character, its links with the community and its international perspective. During your studies here, you can therefore experience both the Francophone and the Anglophone cultures, enhance your second-language skills, experience CO-OP education or French immersion and even take part in an international internship or exchange.

To sum it up, studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences means learning and living in a multicultural and bilingual setting at the point of convergence of two great cultural and intellectual traditions.

I know that you’ll not only seize the opportunities provided by this stimulating environment, but also enrich it by your own presence and, ultimately, help build a better future.

Marcel Mérette