9.4. Déroulement des examens

(Approved by the Senate on June 15, 2020 and effective September 1st, 2020)

Students are expected to assess their health situation and ability to write an examination prior to entering the examination room. Students who do not write a final examination because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control may apply for a deferred examination.
Please refer to academic regulation I-9.5 Justification of absence from an examination or of late submission of assignments for more information on deferring an examination.

Students are expected to complete a final examination once begun. If the student experiences a significant deterioration of health while the examination is in progress and has to leave the room, it may be possible to submit a request for a deferred examination.

A significant deterioration of health during an examination is a situation whereby the student requires immediate and/or emergency medical attention. In such circumstances, a student will be required to provide appropriate documentation to confirm that the medical situation caused significant, acute symptoms during the examination that prohibited the student from completing the examination. The student must then fill out the deferred examination form within five (5) business days of the examination with appropriate supporting documentation.

Minor illnesses and ongoing chronic illnesses under medical management will normally not be considered valid grounds for granting a deferred final examination.

Silence is compulsory in the examination room.

Students must present their student identification cards upon request by the examination monitor.

Students who arrive more than thirty (30) minutes after the examination has begun will not be allowed to write the examination.

Students may not leave the examination room until one hour after the examination has begun.

Students may not bring into or take away from the examination room any examination booklets.

The only time students may leave the examination room with the intention of returning is to use the washroom. To do so they must leave their examination materials, student identification card and any electronic communication device to the designated sign out staff person. They must also sign out and sign back in, on the sheet provided.

Students cannot receive a religious accommodation during the examination. (For religious accommodations, please consult Academic Regulation 15 - Religious Accommodations)

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, the use of books, notes, mathematical tables, dictionaries or any other reference tools is not allowed.

Students are prohibited from using electronic devices or any other communication tool that has not been approved beforehand.

It is the student's responsibility to verify which electronic devices or tools (e.g. calculators) are permissible for each examination.

Any unauthorized electronic device or communication tool must be shut off, stored and out of reach.

Anyone who fails to comply with these regulations may be subject to an academic fraud allegation.

Students have the right to see, upon request and after they have been marked, their own examination booklets. This consultation must be done under supervision. Students shall not retain the original examinations or the examination booklets.

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