Saada Hussen

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018



Saada Hussen is in her second year of an Honours Bachelor of Science program with a specialization in Biochemistry. Saada has always been very involved in her community by contributing hours to various establishments such as hospitals, schools and community centers. She has been a devoted volunteer since 2014 for the Muslim Association of Canada and has taken on the role of Volunteer Coordinator. The community work she is currently most fond of is GACSN, Gloucester association for children with special needs, in which she spends her Saturday afternoons engaging in active and creative activities aimed for children with special needs. Saada has been involved with GACSN as a volunteer since she was in grade 10 and now acts as a cover staff. Saada’s altruism is most prominently displayed by her founding Comfort the cold, a non-profit organization which collects old blankets to then distribute them to those in need. 

Saada discovered a passion for organic chemistry in her first year of university and hopes to continue postgraduate studies in the aforementioned field. Saada has recently implicated herself in the field of research and her first abstract in which she is a co-author will be presented at the 101st Canadian Chemistry Conference. Saada is currently employed by the Faculty of Engineering as a Curriculum Coordinator for a science and engineering summer camp. Adventures in Science and Engineering provides children and adolescents with a memorable and hands on experience that instills curiosity and passion towards fields in STEM. 

In her free time you could find Saada at the gym, spending time with her little brother or amusing herself with organic chemistry mechanisms.

Saada’s intentions on the Board of Governors are to prioritize the well-being of students by making herself available to students at all times. You can reach her on Facebook or through email at

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