Policy on Video Recording, Broadcasting and Picture Taking during Board of Governors Meeting

Preamble :

The public is invited to the meetings of the Board of Governors that take place on University premises;

The University of Ottawa is committed to maintaining and operating with the highest norms of good governance and transparency;

Members of the Board are entitled to debate vigorously their points of view in a climate serene and free from intimidation;

Members of the Board and guests of the Board have a right to their own image and to be protected from the risk of undue, false of distorted recording and broadcasting of their own image.

Be it resolved :

1. In the present policy, the expression « recording device » includes any equipment that can be used to record either through photography, videotaping or audio recording, an image, a sound or a conversation and includes cellular phones and cameras.

2. Meetings of the Board are fully recorded by video equipment installed and operated by University personnel. The complete recording can be accessed on the University website.

3. In camera meetings are not recorded.

4. The approved minutes of a meeting of the Board are the only official recording of its decisions.

5. The private or unauthorized use of a recording device during a meeting of the Board is prohibited.

Approved by the Board of Governors March 30, 2009.

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