Jameel Kara




My name is Jameel Kara and I am a 4th year Human Kinetics student running to represent the faculty of Health Sciences on the University of Ottawa Senate. One of the major roles of this committee involves implementing the various academic policies set in place by our university.

As a fourth year student, I have seen many areas in need of improvement, first and foremost being our mental health crisis. I have seen the impact that academia can have on students and it is my ultimate goal to help our school create a positive, accepting, and cognizant environment.

In light of the recent transition to an online education system, it is also my hope to assist students through our current adversity, and ensure a smooth transition to online education

If you have any questions about my goals or policies please feel free to contact me over Twitter (@jameelkara99), Instagram (@jameelkara) or Facebook and I am more than happy to chat.

Thank you!

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