Policies and regulations


Academic regulations

Scope of application, citation and relationship with faculty-specific academic regulations

The University’s Academic Regulations are set out below in two Parts:

  • Part I sets out Academic Regulations that are applicable to all levels of studies at the University of Ottawa (unless a particular regulation specifically indicates otherwise).
  • Part II sets out Academic Regulations that are applicable to graduate studies only.

When citing a particular regulation, the regulation number should be preceded by the roman numeral I or II, according to the Part in which the particular regulation is found (e.g., when citing regulation 5, “Registration”, found in Part I below, reference should be made to “Academic Regulation I-5”; or when citing regulation 3, “Graduate Enrolment”, found in Part II below, reference should be made to “Academic Regulation II-3”).

Students are advised that some faculties have their own academic regulations, which must be read harmoniously with the University’s Academic Regulations set out below. Students are encouraged to consult their faculty’s calendar or website for any such faculty-specific academic regulations.

Terminology used on the University of Ottawa website and in University publications

Following the implementation of the new Student Information System in November 2016, some terminological changes were made to academic regulations, namely:

  • the term “session” is replaced by “term”;
  • the term “credit” is replaced by “unit” in English only, except in some expressions such as “credit transfer” or “advanced standing credit” that are commonly used throughout Ontario universities;
  • the term  “crédit” in French will continue to be used.

The University has sought to update this terminology on its website and in its publications. However, it is possible that examples of the old terminology remain, particularly in older or archived official texts. The old and new terms have the same meaning and should be considered equivalent.


Administrative policies and regulations

University of Ottawa policies and regulations set out guiding principles or courses of action to be consistently followed under specific conditions. Exceptions require the prior consent of an approving authority, very often the Administration Committee.

University of Ottawa By-Law No. 1 (2019)

University of Ottawa Board By-Law No. 3 (2020) - Delegation of Approval of Contracts and Signing Authority

Regulation on Bilingualism at the University of Ottawa

Human resources


Administrative procedures

University of Ottawa procedures detail specific courses of action or explain how to apply specific policies.

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