Procedure 16-13 - Reimbursement of Other Business-Related Expenses

Date Effective: 2019-07-01
Authorized by: Administration Committee


1.1    This Procedure applies to reimbursement of Other Business-Related Expenses (see definitions) incurred by an Individual for University Business. This procedure acts as a companion to Policy 21 – Reimbursement to Individuals for University Business Expenses.

2.    SCOPE

2.1    All University Employees are subject to this Procedure.

2.2    Reimbursements will not be issued for purchases of goods, equipment or services covered by an institutional contract for commonly purchased standardized commodities, as set out in the University’s Policy 36 – Procurement of Goods or Services. The Individual is responsible to verify and ensure that any potential purchase is not covered under an institutional contract.


3.1    The reimbursement of Other Business-Related Expenses is limited to expenses deemed eligible but not addressed in another policy or procedure (e.g. Policy 24 – Professional Association Membership Fees for Regular Support Staff), or program (e.g. Professional Expense Reimbursements) and are expenses that would not be covered under any other reimbursement category (Travel or Hospitality).

3.2    For the purchase of goods and services, the University will reimburse employees only for low-value purchases where the merchant is unable to bill the University directly, where the use of a University issued Purchase Card is not practical, or where the use of a Purchase Card does not meet the guidelines of Policy 75  – Purchasing Cards.


4.1    In certain circumstances, a Unit may choose to give a gift card or a gift certificate to a volunteer, donor or research study subject in recognition of their contribution. In those instances, the Individual must present official receipts with proof of payment in addition to supporting documentation that demonstrates the distribution of the gift cards for the intended approved purposes.

4.2    No gift cards or gift certificates shall be issued to Employees.


5.1    Memberships are covered under Policy 24 – Professional Association Membership Fees for Regular Support Staff. Principles included in Policy 24 apply to Policy 21 and Related Procedures.

5.2    Individual University Club memberships are not an Eligible Expense and cannot be reimbursed.


6.1    University funds may not be used, in part or in full, to buy flowers, gifts or similar items, except in special circumstances.

6.2    When there is reason to share happiness or sorrow, individuals or groups are expected to express themselves personally, without expenditure of University funds.
6.3    In the case of an event with which the University should associate itself for reasons of responsibility, public relations, etc., the Head of Unit has the authority to respond appropriately in the name of the University. The costs will be borne by the Unit.


7.1    An Individual must submit the following documents when requesting a reimbursement for other Business Related Expenses:

  • (i)    an expense claim with the Authorized Approver’s approval;
  • (ii)    itemized receipts;
  • (iii)    the name of any other source where reimbursement of the expense is received or may be claimed if applicable;
  • (iv)    documents from a verifiable source (i.e. credit card statement) to support any exchange rates when claiming outside the electronic reimbursement system or modifying the electronic reimbursement system rate; and
  • (v)    any other relevant supporting document or information mentioned in this Procedure.


8.1    The Associate Vice-President, Financial Resources is responsible for the review and interpretation of this Procedure.

(Office of the Associate Vice-President, Financial Resources)

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