Procedure for an Appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee

Prior to appealing to the Senate Appeals Committee, the student must have submitted an appeal to and received a formal decision from the academic unit concerned. If not satisfied with that decision, the student may submit an appeal to the above-mentioned Senate Committee within 10 working days from the date he or she received the decision.

  • To appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee, you must send a letter to the University Secretariat detailing the circumstances, the basis for appeal, i.e. the reasons why the academic unit's decision should be reversed or modified, and the solution sought. You should attach to that letter any relevant documents (letters, medical certificates, etc.). As a rule, it is not useful to provide the Committee with copies of assignments or exams as the Committee itself will not review them.
  • Please ensure that a complete file is submitted to the Senate Appeals Committee.

IMPORTANT: Under NO circumstances will the Committee itself change a mark in any way or make a decision on the content of a student's answer to an exam question or of any other type of academic work.

  • Make sure to include your contact information (student number, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address) so that you may be contacted.
  • As soon as your appeal is received, a copy of all the documentation provided will be sent to the faculty concerned. The faculty must provide its comments within 15 working days from the date the documents are sent.
  • Once the faculty's comments are received by the University Secretariat, they will be sent to you. You must provide your reply within 15 working days, unless otherwise indicated. It is your responsibility to respond within those 15 working days, after which the Committee will proceed with the appeal.
  • When you provide your response to the faculty's comments, or an indication that you will not be making further comments, remember to specify whether you wish to address the Committee in person when your case will be heard.
  • Next, your case will be put on the agenda of a Senate Appeals Committee meeting. The Committee usually meets every second Friday morning. You will be contacted to set a date and time for the hearing of your appeal.
  • Should you decide to address the Committee, please note that you need not attend the hearing alone but may choose to be accompanied by a person of your choice. Please also note that Committee members will already be aware of the full contents of your file, although you may be asked by Committee members to clarify certain aspects of your case. Do not wait until the hearing to draw the Committee's attention to relevant information; all such information must be identified or included in your original appeal letter to the committee or in the supporting documentation attached to that letter.

In general, the Committee will reach a decision the day of the hearing. However, it may sometimes request further information, for example from the faculty, before making its decision. In such cases, the decision is deferred to a next meeting.

The decision will be sent to you by e-mail during the week following the meeting, with copy to the faculty.

The Committee's decision is final and cannot be further appealed.

Should you decide to withdraw your appeal, you must advise the University Secretariat in writing, otherwise the process will follow its course and the Committee will make a decision on your appeal.

The Office of the Secretary-General is in charge of files to be submitted to the Senate Appeals Committee. Please send your appeal in an electronic format to Alternatively, you may submit a hard copy to:

Office of the Secretary-General
Tabaret Hall
550 Cumberland Street, Room 206
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5
Tel.: (613) 562-5800, ext. 1197

Revised on February 22, 2013

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