Eligibility / Selection Process

Photo du prix d’excellence de l’Association des diplômés de l’Université d’Ottawa. | Picture of the University of Ottawa Alumni Association Award of Excellence


  • With the exception of the Honorary Member of the Alumni Association award, nominees must be University of Ottawa graduates.
  • Graduates of diploma and certificate programs are also eligible.
  • Posthumous nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominations for sitting politicians are not accepted. Recipients of University of Ottawa honorary degrees are not eligible unless they also hold a degree obtained through academic studies.
  • Current members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors or the uOttawa Board of Governors are not eligible.

Selection Process

The University of Ottawa Alumni Association secretariat administers the Alumni Association Awards of Excellence. Announcements inviting nominations are communicated electronically to all alumni reachable by e-mail and through our website.

Selection is based on the nominee’s accomplishments. The Board strives for diversity among award recipients. The letters of support, biography and list of accomplishments should clearly make the link between the nominee and the award for which he or she is being considered.

A selection committee appointed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors reviews all nominations and makes recommendations to the Board of the Alumni Association for approval. The selection committee includes:

  • The chair of the Alumni Association’s outreach committee (as chair)
  • One additional member recommended by the outreach committee
  • One other alumni member, if possible a past winner of one of the awards
  • The Vice-President, External Relations or his or her designate
  • One member of the University community (as recommended by the Vice-President, External Relations, or his or her designate)
  • The Executive Director of the Alumni Association or his or her designate, as a non-voting member


  • Please note: You cannot nominate yourself.
  • The nominee should be advised and be given the opportunity to assist with the nomination package.
  • You can only nominate a candidate for one award.
  • Recipients are expected to attend the awards evening to accept their prize.
  • Successful nominees agree to participate in publicity efforts surrounding the awards, which may include a videotaped interview, a photo shoot and interviews for alumni publications and news media.
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