Mentorship Program

The University of Ottawa has created a professional mentorship program that partners mentors with students who are looking for advice on career possibilities and professional development.

This program is offered at the Faculty of Science.

Mentoring is a type of professional relationship between a student (mentee) interested in gaining insight and information and preparing for the job market and an experienced person (mentor) working in a field related to the mentee’s program.

Program objectives

  • To improve the student experience by offering mentees a tool to help them develop their transferable skills and professional networks
  • To help mentees think about the job market and introduce them to a professional setting related to their program
  • To provide an opportunity for mentors to share their experiences and knowledge about the working world
  • To provide an opportunity for mentors to improve their leadership skills by working with a mentee
  • To enhance the reputation of the University of Ottawa and create and reinforce a sense of belonging among mentors and mentees

Who are the mentors?

University of Ottawa alumni with relevant work experience.

Who are the mentees?

Undergrad students in third or fourth year of study (must be 19 years or older), graduate students and alumni who graduated less than two years ago.

Program Logistics

The mentoring program runs throughout the fall and winter terms, that is, from October to December and from January to April. The program involves about three meetings in total (can be as few as two but no more than five).

Between 60 and 90 minutes in length, the meetings are to take place in a public area (e.g., mentor’s workplace, restaurant or café). Unless the mentor and mentee agree otherwise, meetings are to take place from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

For assistance, mentors and mentees can contact the Faculty of Science Mentorship Coordinator Laura Kelly.

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