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Join us for the uOBMRI Public Lecture:

“Merging Minds and Machines –
Where are we going and why does it matter?

As part of the program, the uOBMRI will also host a public lecture with the title “Merging Minds and Machines—where are we going and why does it matter?”. Join the event to hear and meet experts in the Centre for Neural Dynamics and artificial intelligence.

The session includes a networking event after the lecture for an opportunity to meet our experts!  

December 9th, 2022 | 5:00-7:00PM
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre | 200 Convetry Rd.| Free Parking

Registation is NOW Open - click here

All keynote sessions are presented in English with option to ask questions in french.

Advances in collecting and interpreting neural data are opening the way toward connecting brains and computers. The possibilities for people with severe motor disabilities – to communicate and to interact with their environments – are remarkable. We are still at the early stages of a remarkable journey of discovery.  Experts in neuroscience, machine learning, neurosurgery and neuroethics will take the audience through the current state of brain-computer interface technology, from the underlying science, through to the social and personal implications for patients and their families.

Three questions that will be covered

  1. What are our current abilities to detect and interpret neural data suitable for use in brain computer interfaces?
  2. What is the process of developing a brain-computer interface for use by a person with a severe motor disability?
  3. What are the broader personal and social implications of the development of brain computer interfaces?
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