CIHR Spring 2019 Results are in!

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019

Congratulations to our members who were successful in CIHR's recent round of funding. We're excited to see what new discoveries will take place!


Title: Molecular mechanisms controlling photoreceptor genome organization and neurodegeneration

PI: Pierre Mattar (OHRI, BMI)

Amount: $692,326


Title: Molecular dissection of temporal competence in neural progenitors

PI: Pierre Mattar (OHRI, BMI)

Amount: $692,326


Title: FoxO3a acts as a key checkpoint that regulates inflammation in the gut

PI: Subash Sad (BMI, uOttawa)

Co-Investigators: Alexandre Blais, Alain Stintzi

Amount: $768,826


Title: 5th Ottawa International Conference on Neuromuscular Disease and Biology

PI: Robin Parks (OHRI)

Co-Investigators: Bernard Jasmin, Rashmi Kothary, Jodi Warman

Amount: $20,000


Title: Determining the mechanisms underlying disease pathology and the genetic reversibility of the ATR-X syndrome

PI: David Picketts (OHRI)

Amount: $765,000

Title: Signal integration and action potential coding in hippocampal microcircuits

PI: Katalin Toth (Université Laval)

Co-Investigators: Richard Naud (uOBMRI)

Amount: $1,059,526


Title: Investigation of sex differences in preclinical models of Alzheimer's disease treatment

PI: Stephen Ferguson (CMM, uOttawa)

Amount: $956,250


Title: Microglia-neuron inflammatory interactions in Parkinson's disease: Targeting LRRK2 and WAVE2

PI: Shawn Hayley (Carleton)

Amount: $577,576

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