Congratulations to Parkinson Research Consortium 2019 Fellowship Awardees

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Congratulations to Parkinson Research Consortium 2019 Fellowship Awardees!

We're excited to announce this year's PRC awardees. A sincere thank you to our generous donors for their ongoing support of Parkinson's research and trainee research. 

Crabtree Family Fellowships 
A Disease-Modifying Role for the Microbiome in Parkinson's Disease 
Awarded to: Irina Alecu (post-doctoral fellow)  | Mentor: Dr. Steffany Bennett 

Toth Family Fellowship 
Integrated Analysis of a-Synuclein Post-translational Modifications
Awarded to: Anjali Patel (graduate student)  Mentor: Dr. Maxime Rousseaux 

Audrey Grant Parkinson’s Research Fellowship 
Title: Exploring the Role of GBA1 in Immune Regulation in the Context 
of Parkinson’s Disease 
Awarded to: Quinton Hake-Volling (graduate student) | Mentor: Dr. Michael Schlossmacher 

Bonnie & Don Poole Parkinson’s Research Fellowship
Investigating the Effects of Parkinson’s disease Thalamocortical Motor Pathway and its Function in Motor Behaviors.   
Awarded to: Nima Raman (graduate student) | Mentor: Dr. Simon Chen 

2-year Fellowships 
Shelby Hayter Fellowship
Title: Bridging the Gap Between Parkinson's Disease and the Immune System: Characterizing the Role of Alpha-synuclein in Innate Defenses   
Awarded to: Christopher Rousso (graduate student)  | Mentor: Dr. Michael Schlossmacher 

Larry Haffner Fellowship 
Title: Elucidating the Role of LRRK2 kinase Activity in the Innate Immune System 
Awarded to: Michaela Lunn (graduate student) | Mentor: Drs. Shawn Haley and Michael Schlossmacher 

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