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Anthony Krantis
Full Professor

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Anthony Krantis


Research opportunities in the neurosciences and gastrointestinal physiology: The mammalian G.I. tract is controlled by its own nervous network, the Enteric Nervous System. Its accessibility and layout provides an excellent model system for neuroscientists to investigate the interaction of neurotransmitters.Such studies are ongoing in this laboratory. Information derived from studies of this kind also contributes to our understanding of the nervous control of the gut, important in developing treatments for G.I. disorders. This is the primary focus of our Digestive Diseases Research Group. This group includes basic scientists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, pathologists and physicians from the Univ. of Ottawa and affiliated hospitals dedicated to the study of gastrointestinal disease. Ongoing studies include investigation of the involvement of specific neuronal pathways and neurotransmitters, including GABA, Nitric Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, 5-HT,neuropeptides and peptide hormones in gut function and the pathogenesis of Hirschsprung's disease, Necrotizing Enterocolitis and IBD. This involves in vitro and in vivo animal preparations and study of human tissue utilizing a variety of pharmacologic, physiologic, morphologic, biochemical and molecular techniques. These studies include assessment of gastrointestinal motility and blood flow together with measurement of acid secretion in vivo. We have identified gut receptors and nerve pathways that offer unique targets for the development of drugs for 1. Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration 2. Obesity 3. Motility Disorders. We have also studied the potential benefits of natural food constituents as well as growth factors as adjuncts of therapy for gut disease and wound-healing. Together with members with the medicinal chemistry and structural biology groups of the Centre for Research in Biopharmaceuticals (CRB) we are now identifying candidate molecules for drug development. In parallel, we are mapping the distribution of different nerve types, neurotransmitters and their receptors in laminar preparations, tissue sections and cell cultures, including primary cultures of enteric neurones. In addition, we are evaluating the involvement of ICC's in enteric neurotransmission and are analysing enteric GABA-A receptors by single cell PCR, in situ hybridization and patch clamp electrophysiology. Elucidating how GABAergic drive codes the excitatory and inhibitory circuits in the ENS holds the potential for new insights digestive diseases.

email: ph: (613) 562-5406

Digestive Disease Research Group

Principal Investigators; A. Krantis, PhD. Wm. Staines, PhD. M. Poulter, Ph.D., B. Foster Ph.D., C. Rousseaux, BVSc, PhD,DABT, FRCPath

Clinical Collaborators: Drs. S. Rubin and J. Bass (CHEO),Dr. D. Yuen (OGH) Drs. P. Russo and M. Di Lorenzo (Ste Justine Hosp. Montreal)

A. Krantis' Publications with online access to abstracts.

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dissociated brain neuronal cells, neurochips

Fields of Interest

  • Research opportunities for in vitro brain modeling and advanced platforms for interrogating nerve circuits
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