John E. Lewis


John E. Lewis
Associate Professor

Room: GNN 258
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6846
Work E-mail:

John Lewis



Comparative physiology, computational neuroscience, electrophysiology, neuroethology, neurophysiology, synaptic plasticity, weakly electric fish

Research Interests:

Dr. Lewis specializes in systems and computational neurobiology. His research focuses on understanding how the dynamics of neurons and neuronal networks are involved in sensory processing, sensory-motor transformations, and the production of behaviour.


sensory processing, synaptic plasticity, gap junctions, network dynamics, computational neuroscience, neuroethology, neuroenergetics

Fields of Interest

  • Dynamics of sensory and motor systems
  • Oscillations and synchrony in neuronal networks
  • Energetics of neural signalling
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