Heidi Sveistrup


Heidi Sveistrup
Full Professor

1993 Ph.D. Neurosciences University of Oregon
1988 M.A. Biomechanics McGill University
1983 B.Ed. Physical Education McGill University

Room: Rm. 1123A RGN
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8016
Work E-mail: heidi.sveistrup@uottawa.ca

Heidi Sveistrup


Heidi Sveistrup, Full Professor in Rehabilitation Sciences, is at the University of Ottawa since 1993. She is interested in understanding how posture and balance control change in people of all ages and has completed studies of participants ranging from 3 months to 90 years old. Along with her students and collaborators, she addresses questions such as: a) how do children and adults maintain or regain their balance either when they expect to fall versus when they lose their balance unexpectedly; b) how effective are various balance retraining interventions such as Tai Chi and virtual reality with children and adults; c) how are assistive and mobility devices used; and d) what are effective resources for community falls reduction programs. Dr. Sveistrup holds peer-reviewed operating funds from NSERC, CIHR and other sources as well as a personnel development award from the MOHLTC, Ontario.


TBI, mTBI, stroke, CP, Rehabilitation, Virtual Reality

Fields of Interest

  • Traumatic brain injury including mTBI, stroke, cerebral palsy
  • innovative rehabilitation intervention through lifespan
  • Technologies including virtual reality
  • Motor learning and neuroplasticity
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