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Three students under the tent at University Square representing Francophonie

Did you know that our campus has a student lounge dedicated to the Francophonie? Since 2011, we have managed Carrefour francophone, a community resource and cultural centre where Francophone and Francophile students can socialize in French, thereby spreading and promoting the use of the French language. 

The Carrefour is currently closed due to COVID-19.

What can I do at the Carrefour?

  • You can simply have a chat with your friends (in French of course!)
  • You can talk with the coordinator of the Carrefour to learn more about French sociocultural life on campus and in the Ottawa region.
  • You can participate in one of the many activities that happen here every week.
  • You can also hold your own activity! This activity should be open to all students and should contribute to their sense of belonging to the Francophone and Francophile community on campus. Get in touch with the coordinator to learn more about the booking policies.


The Carrefour francophone hosts a large variety of events to allow the uOttawa community to stay connected with their culture. Whether you’re a francophone or a Francophile, you’re always welcome!

Célébrations Franco-Ontariennes

September 21st to September 26th

Franco-Ontarian Flag

Drapeau franco-ontarien


Social media contest

When: September 21st to September 25th 

Instagram @uOcampus

ALL WEEK September 21-25, show your Franco-Ontarian pride by posting a photo of you (and your friends) on Instagram @uOcampus wearing green and white and have a chance to win a $ 250 gift card to the “Librairie du Soleil” bookshop.


Question mark


When: September 24th  at 1 p.m.


Online general knowledge quiz, on September 24 called Fastoche! Come play on KAHOOT at 1 p.m. to win thematic Francophone mystery prizes valued at $ 150! 



Virtual games - Jeux-di

When: September 24th at 3 p.m.

The French Immersion Mentoring Center and the Bilingualism Center invite you to join us for a game of "Scattegories" in French to celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day. Participate on Zoom at 3 p.m. on September 24!

Location: Zoom

Meeting ID: 956 0550 8147

Passcode: G4k1Db

Play button

Tales and legends

When: September 25th 

Jonathan Dion, emerging comedian of the Franco-Ontarian Francophonie, will give us a capsule (5mins) tale and legend with a humorous flavor that will be shared on GSÉAD's social networks (Facebook and email news bulletin). Watch it all starting September 25!




Workshop: Tourism in Ontario

When: September 25th at 2 p.m.


Here is a virtual workshop presenting accessible tourist attractions that promote Ontario in general, and French Ontario in particular. Take part on September 25 at 2 p.m. 



Resources to enrich your life!

When: September 25th at 1 p.m.

We will present a repertoire of linguistic tools to maintain, improve and perfect your French as a second language (FSL) skills, either independently or as a complementary support to your school or university courses. We will invite you to look  at video clips with us by Émile Bilodeau or Marie-Jo Thério, French or Quebec films allowing you to travel to Greenland or St-Denis, to hear current affairs podcasts, indigenous voices and discussions about covid-19, to discover open access book or text platforms, and to discover how to make your writing ever clearer and better organized.

Come and discover ILOBify, your companion in the virtual learning of French as a second language.

You will leave with La Francophonie in your pocket!


• Identification: 763 244 2516

• Secret code: ILOBify25


Reading Club - Obomsawin by Daniel Poliquin

When: September 25th to October 28th 

Are you an avid bookworm or simply trying to improve your French reading? To read starting as of September 25th following with a discussion meeting on October 28th. We'll meet on TEAMS at 1 p.m.! Audio book version available by following this link. Reserve your place with Maxime:


Keep an eye out on this festival!

Festival Franco-Ontarien

Mois de la francophonie

March is the Mois de la francophonie and the University of Ottawa joins the international community in celebrating French language and culture in all its forms. Activities will take place all over campus during the month of March — concerts, exhibitions, talks, films and more!

This March, let’s celebrate our own rich, dynamic francophone community. See the full schedule of events here.

Meet the coordinator

Maxime Brunet

Maxime Brunet is the coordinator of the Carrefour francophone.

As such, he serves as the bridge between francophones on campus and in the community.

He is an expert on all things francophone and can assist you in finding resources on campus whether you would like to learn French, or practice what you already know. He is also your key contact if you’d like to organize your own event in the Carrefour.

Get in touch by emailing


The Carrefour francophone:

  • Serves as the hub of Francophone socio-cultural life for the University of Ottawa's Francophone and Francophile student population.
  • Aims to promote and develop French culture in Ontario by providing access to a wide array of resources and information centering on this matter while considering other French-language cultures.
  • Aims to help strengthen and consolidate the University of Ottawa's Francophone community and to prompt more networking in this community through activities organized in cooperation with specialists from both the university setting and the Ottawa region.

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