Five ways to make studying more fun through new habits

Posted on Friday, November 26, 2021

Student sitting outside in jean jacket staring down at their laptop


Already tired of staring down at your study notes or books? We've got some ideas to shake up your study sessions

  1. Organize a study session with friends. When you invite a friend to work with you, your meetings can motivate you and be more enjoyable. But make sure you don’t get distracted, and keep your focus! Try organizing a Kahoot session or a quiz with flash cards.
  2. Find a way to concentrate. Music you like can help you concentrate. You can also calculate how many hours you’ve spent memorizing your subject matter and studying the night before, to increase your productivity and avoid procrastinating.
  3. Prepare some snacks. Put together some snacks (apples, chocolate bars, cookies, etc.) you can munch on while doing your readings, to make things more pleasant. Also, set up a rewards system to get through tough reads. Give yourself a reward for every two pages read.
  4. Take breaks. Pausing your study session frequently is a good strategy to keep your mind sharp. For example, you could set an alarm to ring every 30 minutes, which would be time to have a coffee, talk with friends, etc. The idea of these frequent pauses is to take your mind off things. As well, you can change your environment every few hours by finding a new study space and walking around indoors or outdoors.
  5. Try study methods based on memory types or learning styles. Reading aloud activates two types of memory — visual and auditory. When you explain to classmates concepts from your courses, you’re testing your own understanding while allowing others to benefit as well. You can also use a window to visualize your subjects and notes, if you have a visual memory or learning style.

What’s important is that there are different ways to be well while studying. These five tips are just some examples. As you move forward in your academic career, you’ll discover on your own ways to help you have positive experiences in your university studies.

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