The Hang-Out Bucket List

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2022

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After almost two years of living and surviving during a global pandemic, it can be challenging to come up with fun date ideas. Fortunately, there are still many ways you can have a great, meaningful time together.

So, here are some date night ideas! And just because we call it a date doesn’t mean you can’t plan these activities with platonic friends.

Games night

Many couples or groups of friends have spent way too much couch time endlessly scrolling through all the streaming giants for their next go-to show. Games night is here to the rescue. You have countless options, from chess to board games to virtual games. You can either compete against each other or work together on a game such as a virtual escape room. If you’re competing against each other, a bet or truth or dare are great ways to lighten your mood and boost the excitement level.

Game night doesn’t necessarily mean another night in. Check out Ottawa’s own Level One Pub Kitchen and Games, located in the downtown core. You can access a plethora of board games and get some grub while you play. Some crowd favourite board games: Catan, Anomia and Taboo.

Enjoy nature

If you dress appropriately, our winters aren’t as scary as they seem. Ottawa is home to the world-renowned Rideau Canal Skateway. Make the most of the world’s longest skating rink by setting a distance goal and enjoying a warm beavertail afterward.

Ottawa also has many other parks and trails where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with your friends or partner! Try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Date night dinner

Now that restrictions have lifted, restaurants and bars are open! Support local restaurants and pubs through a date night or a foodie experience with friends. Get to know the non-chain restaurants in your city. 

Some cool eats in the city include oyster Sundays at the Whalesbone on Elgin, fine dining with signature cocktails at Riviera on Sparks Street and authentic Mexican cuisine at Feleena’s on Bank Street.

Explore something new

Use YouTube videos, Instagram posts or blog posts to find inspiration and discover something to try together. It could be learning something new, whether a skill, a language or a recipe. It could also be exploring a museum or a park you’ve never visited, or even knew existed. The National Capital Region has a ton of stuff to offer — just find what inspires you.

Odd or unique experiences in Ottawa include axe throwing at either BATL or LumberJaxe, old school video and arcade games at House of Targ, ghost tours with the Haunted Walk or glassblowing at Flo Glassblowing.

Although we’ve had to physically distance for quite some time, our natural social instincts have created a buzz for us to see each other, to hang out and spend time together again.

Happy hang-outs, Gee-Gees!

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