Streaming Recommendations for Reading Week

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Reading week is upon us! Time to find the right balance between hitting the books and sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your much needed free time. We’ve got you covered with our uOttawa community crowd-sourced streaming recommendations. Take a look below to see if there’s anything worth adding to your watch list.

Euphoria (IMDb 8.4/10) - Crave

This show explores the lives of high school students and the social pressures they experience day to day. Features Zendaya and Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy.

Pros: very diverse cast of character, and relatable

Cons: deals with a lot of mature subjects


Parks & Recreation ( IMDb 8.6/10) - Netflix

A American political satire mockumentary, where the Office meets Government Organization.

Pros: if you were into the office, you would like this one. Lots of celebrity cameos and amazing character development.

Cons: None?


Yellowstone (IMDb 8.8/10) – Amazon Prime / Paramount

Set in the mountains of Montana, Sons of Anarchy meets Ranching. Follow the Dutton family doing and trying anything and everything to save their family owned land.

Pros: Amazing acting. Kevin Cosner.

Cons: small lulls in the middle of the seasons.  


Succession (IMDb 8.8/10) - Crave

Labelled as a comedy drama, follow the story of a dysfunctional family who’s patriarch owns one of the second largest media conglomerates in the world.

Pros: Never really know where the plot will go. Greg the Egg character.

Cons: some very dark, disturbing elements exist within the family.


IT Crowd (IMDb 8.5/10) - Netflix

A British comedy about two IT employees working in the basement of a corporate office who get a new manager, with no IT experience.

Pros: wacky 2000 comedy

Cons: you can binge through it tooooooo quickly.


Stay Close (IMDb 7/10) - Netflix

Limited series based on a book by the same name, a man disappears 17 years after another in the town of Livingston.

Pros: will have you hooked

Cons: lots of holes in the plot.


Invincible (IMDb 8.7/10) – Amazon Prime

Adult animated superhero series based on the comic book by “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman.

Pros: Endearing characters with witty humour and jaw-dropping killer action sequences.

Cons: Its not DC or Marvel.


Single’s Inferno (IMDb 7.3/10) – Netflix

Korean romance drama reality show where nine people co-live on an Island to find the love of their life.

Pros: Much more conservative than American dating reality shows, a slow burn progression.

Cons: All participants are celebrities, and ultimately aren’t there for love.



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