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Lifting weights and doing cardio aren’t the only ways to build endurance and strength.  Swimming is a great alternative or compliment to your gym workouts!

An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without the impact on your bones and joints. If you have injuries, love to swim, or simply want a change in your workout routine, go for a swim!

  • Swimming works out your most important systems and organs, too. While you swim, your cardiovascular system is also getting a workout. It strengthens your heart and your lungs. 
  • It’s easy on the joints. There is evidence of less physical limitations after engaging in activities like swimming. Swimming can also speed up recovery time from injuries, as well as reducing existing pain.
  • It is an affordable option. Students can swim for free at the University of Ottawa or register to take part in one of our many affordable swimming programs! Employees can also register for lane swim!
  • It is a great way to relax. When you go for a swim, you’ll be making time to exercise while also allowing yourself to decompress and relax! Give it a try, you’ll see what we’re talking about!
  • There are no screens at the pool. Getting tired of online lectures and video calls? Your time spent at the pool is guaranteed screen-free time. You deserve a break.

Convinced? Our lifeguards are ready to welcome you to the pool! Register here