If you like to socialize, but still need some personal space, then the suites at 90U are for you!
90U outside view

Residence (90u residence)

Facade of the 90U residence.
90U lobby

Lobby (90U lobby)

Pick up your mail or ask your questions to our 24/7 client service team.
90U common space

Common room (90U common space)

Send time with your friends in the common rooms on each floor.
90U room

First room of the unit (90U room)

Enjoy the privacy of a single occupancy room.
90U room

Second room of the unit (90U room 2)

Create a space of your own in your residence room.
90U kitchen

Kitchenette (90U kitchen)

Eat or prepare simple meals in the kitchenette.
  • 8 months (September to April)
  • 20-storey
  • 652 beds
  • Single-gendered, 2 bedroom suites
  • Bathroom shared with roommate
  • Study and common room on every floor

Your room

Icon of a bed.

Room type

Suite style:

2 private bedrooms

1 bathroom

1 kitchenette

Icon of a washer machine.


In-building laundry room ($)


Study lounges

Activity lounges

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Cleaning up your unit is your responsibility

Floor and building common areas are cleaned once a week

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24/7 reception

Card access

Guest registry

Icon of a garbage can.

Green campus

Sort your compost


Throw away things that does not fit in any category

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Room type

Room cost per person

Mandatory Meal Plan (5 days)

Total cost per person

Suite with 2 single occupancy bedrooms




1 bedroom suite in double occupancy $9,422 $5,675 $15,097

Room type

Room cost per person

Mandatory Meal Plan (5 days)

Total cost

Suite with 2 single occupancy bedrooms




The Residence Life Team consists of many Community Advisors, Peer Supports and Coordinators. They help you out in many ways to create a community atmosphere in your building.