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Internet, heat and air conditioning

If you are experiencing an issue with your Internet connection or if you simply want to learn more about cable services in the units and heating and cooling in residence, you are at the right place.



We provide you with the basic Rogers Cable Service in our residence common rooms. At 90U and Rideau, cable service is also provided in the bedrooms.

Call 1-866-567-5778 (option 3) for any issues with your digital adapter or to order additional channels at your own cost. Visit the Rogers Website for more information about the Rogers digital TV packages.

IPTV is also available to all!  Simply connect to your building WiFi SSID (e.g., in 90U: 90_University_WiFi), then visit http://www.comu.ca/uofo to watch online TV or obtain further information regarding the service.


You are given the freedom and responsibility of finding the telephone service that  best suits your needs.  Telephone jacks are found in each unit. 

  • Please let us know your telephone number as soon as you have access to it. Contact your Community Advisor.
  • For a quick line activation with Rogers, call 613-759-8531

Heat and Air Conditioning

Friel and Rideau: individual HVAC systems, you can change between heat and AC as you (and any roommates) desire.

Leblanc, Marchand, Stanton, Thompson: No AC available. Heating is building-wide and is turned on on specific dates to coincide with seasonal weather changes.

90U, Annex, Henderson, Hyman Soloway, Mann: The transition between air conditioning and heat is building wide and is turned on on specific dates to coincide with seasonal weather changes. Broadly, heat is typically turned on sometime in October, and AC is typically turned on sometime in May.

To adjust the temperature in your unit, set the thermostat to the desired temperature and turn the fan to “auto”.

If your room is too hot and the air conditioning has not been turned on yet, we suggest that you open your window to allow fresh air to come in. If you turn the fan to "high", the unit will blow hot air and warm your room even more.