Express your personality and feel at home. If you share a room or a common area, first talk with your roommates and discuss different decoration ideas. Since the space is shared, both roommates have to agree on decoration.

Posters and decorations

Feel free to bring any non-offensive posters, pictures or decorations that you’d like.

It is important to use sticky yack, not thumb tacks or nails.

Check with your CA before putting up anything for special events or celebrations. For instance, real Christmas trees and garlands are NOT allowed. You must use artificial ones.

Rearrange the furniture

Feel free to rearrange the furniture in your room. You cannot, however, take items out of your room. We also ask you to put the furniture back where it was when you move out at the end of your contract. 

Animals and plants

Pets are NOT allowed in residence for health and cleanliness reasons. This includes fish. Service and emotional support animals are allowed by permission only. Plants (even carnivore) are allowed.