Psychometric Assessments

The psychometric assessment process involves two meetings with a career counselor.

During this first meeting, you will be introduced to the career development process and have the opportunity to reflect on  your career goals. 

After this first workshop, you may choose to complete two online psychometric assessments  (fees apply). These psychometric assessments are used to increase awareness of your personality characteristics and interests as they relate to your choice of a satisfying career. During the second workshop, the counsellor will guide you through an interpretation of the assessment results.  

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

The MBTI personality assessment identifies an individual’s type (made up of four basic preferences), and provides a common language around how people interact with others and the world around them. This information helps people improve both their working and personal relationships in a productive and constructive way. The MBTI tool is a great resource for improving important decision making and guiding career exploration.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Intrest Inventory evaluate interests in a variety of positions: work, leisure, and field of studies. The questionnaire compares how your interests are similar to the interests of people who occupy certain professions. It is used to help people understand the occupations that interest them and to illustrate the types of employment within which they would be happier. 

Service to the community 

This service is geared towards the general population (other than registered students and alumni) seeking guidance in exploring their education and career options.

Service Options

Option 1: Individual career counselling session (1hour)

Cost: $125

Option 2: Two individual career counselling sessions, including psychometric tests which assess personality (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator- MBTI) and interests (Strong Interest Inventory)

Cost: $280 (includes the cost of the psychometric tests)

Please note: This service is available by appointment only.   To book an appointment, call us at 613-562-5806.

Option 3:

The service is offered tp: This service is offered to different people, including: High school students (in Quebec or Ontario) or CEGEP; transitional students who are questioning their program of study or career choices, employees with some experience in the labor market.

What is this service: career counseling offered over a period of 4 meetings (on average).

Service offered by: Professional Consultant with a Master's degree in Educational Counseling.

Approach used: The approach used is to help the person to clarify what is important to them (which is important to them), to identify and to engage in actions (program of study, profession), in direction of what is important. It also aims to identify the barriers that prevent it from clarifying what is important to it and / or those that prevent it from acting in the direction of what is important to it.

Rate: This package of 4 orientation counseling sessions is offered at a rate of $ 280

Our experienced counsellors possess a Master’s degree in Counselling.  Consultations are not intended for the specific promotion of University of Ottawa programs.

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