The University of Ottawa and Career Development Centre are not responsible for employment conditions and work environment within organizations who promote themselves  on campus, at career fairs organized by the University or for the content of an employer’s job posting made available through the University’s web based job posting board . Students are solely responsible for researching and gauging the suitability of an employer, employment offer or volunteer opportunity regardless of whether the potential employer or organization has partnered with our offices, or promoted itself independently on campus. Employers, organizations and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed to establish qualifications, credentials and overall fit between a potential employer or organization and the student applicant.

The CO-OP and Careers Office recommends that you visit the Government of Canada website on Cannabis and International Travel to learn more about how involvement in the legal cannabis industry in Canada can potentially affect international travel. 

Students are urged to educate themselves on their employment rights and may avail themselves of the University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic to learn more about employment rights. The University is not responsible for the contractual terms of service that students may decide to enter into with an employer.  
For further information on employment rights, please refer to any of the following external sources:

  • Ontario: the Employment Standards Act, 2000 at the Ministry of Labour;
  • Ontario: the Ontario Human Rights CommissionHuman Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre;
  • Ontario: Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Québec: the Commission des normes de travail,
  • Québec: the Human Rights Commission;
  • Québec: Commission de la santé et de la sécurité au travail (CSST)
  • Canada: if working for a federal or federally regulated organization, the Canada Labour Code

For franchisor-franchisee opportunities, students are also encouraged to evaluate the appropriateness of franchisor-franchisee based and commission-based opportunities and to obtain independent legal advice on their obligations flowing from any contract entered into with a franchisor.  They should be mindful that employment standards legislation may not necessarily protect them when contracting with such organizations

For international opportunities, whether it be for work, study or volunteering, students are responsible for educating themselves not only on the suitability of the environment within which they will work, study or volunteer but also on the socio-economic, health, and political stability of the region or country they choose to visit.  Students are encouraged to consult some of the following online resources:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – counsellor services, travel advisories
  • CIA Factbook
  • MyWorldAbroad

Hyperlinks from the University’s Career Development Centre website are provided only as a convenience and if you decide to visit any external linked site, you will leave the University’s website. Hyperlinks do not imply that the University sponsors, endorses or is associated with the linked site or that any linked site is authorized to use the name and logo of the University. The University is not responsible for the contents of any such linked sites and any other site not under the control of the University.

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