Dr. David Bryce

We aim to provide novel and impactful insight into the structure and properties of chemical compounds, materials, biomolecules, and catalysts by furthering our understanding of the connection between these properties and various solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (SSNMR) observables. More specifically, the information gained through the measurement and computation of chemical shifts, quadrupolar couplings, and J couplings affords direct insight into chemical bonding, molecular and electronic structure, and the crystal structure itself.  Specific ongoing projects include the characterization of weak non-covalent interactions in mechanochemically prepared solids, NMR characterization of multiple bonds between metals, and fundamental developments in the SSNMR spectroscopy of nuclei with low spectral receptivity and large quadrupolar interactions.


The Bryce lab supervises Masters and Doctoral degree programs in Chemistry.

Lab website: http://mysite.science.uottawa.ca/dbryce/



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