Dr. Marc Dubé

Prof. Dubé’s team performs research in sustainable polymer reaction engineering which includes the synthesis of new polymers using renewable materials and the development of sustainable polymerization processes. This includes experimental kinetics and modeling for bulk, solution and emulsion single and multicomponent polymer systems with applications in adhesives, coatings, and many other applications. Using their state-of-the-art polymer synthesis and characterization facility, the Dubé group has worked on polymer production using glycerol (waste by-product from biodiesel process) for hydrogel production; limonene (extract from citrus fruit peels) for adhesive applications; conjugated linoleic acid (from soybean oil) for binders; starch-based monomers for use in coatings and adhesive applications; and nanocomposites using cellulose nanocrystals.


Prof. Dubé supervises students from graduate programs in Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Lab website: http://profs.engineering.uottawa.ca/dube/



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