Dr. Maxim Berezovski

Berezovski’ research focuses on: (1) Bioanalytical Chemistry — the analysis of biomolecules and their non-covalent interactions with Kinetic Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry; (2) Biopharmaceuticals — the selection and application of DNA aptamers to proteins, live cells, bacteria and viruses for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes; (3) Biological Mass Spectrometry  —  Aptamer-facilitated Biomarker Discovery (AptaBiD) and Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Orbitrap-based instruments; (4) Flow cytometry — selection of aptamers to live cells using FACS.  

Prof. Berezovski supervises students from graduate programs in Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences as well as from Biology.

Lab website: http://mysite.science.uottawa.ca/mberezov/



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