Catch up on recent uOBMRI Member Publications!

Publié le mercredi 29 juillet 2020

uOBMRI members have been busy publishing!  Check out the list of recent exciting research publications below.

  • Dr. Richard Naud and Dr. Jean-Claude Béïque published "A Synthetic Likelihood Solution to the Silent Synapse Estimation Problem" in Cell Reports this week. Read their paper here.
  • Dr. Hsia-Huei Chen and her lab published "Activation of tyrosine phosphatase PTP1B in pyramidal neurons impairs endocannabinoid signaling by tyrosine receptor kinase trkB and causes schizophrenia-like behaviors in mice" in Neuropsychopharmacology. Read Dr. Chen's latest paper here.
  • Dr. David Grimes, Dr. Tiago Mestre and the members of iCARE-PD Consortium recently published 3 papers related to IPCN clinical and patient efforts. Read the papers here: Moving towards home-based community-centred integrated care in Parkinson's diseaseGlycopyrrolate Improves Disability from Sialorrhea in Parkinson's Disease: A 12‐Week Controlled Trial and The Integrated Parkinson’s disease Care Network (IPCN): Qualitative evaluation of a new approach to care for Parkinson’s disease.
  • Dr. Dale Corbett and his team for their recent publication "Post-stroke impairment and recovery are predicted by task-specific regionalization of injury" in Journal of Neuroscience
  • Dr. Rashmi Kothary and his lab published "MiRNA-145-5p Prevents Differentiation of Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells by Regulating Expression of Myelin Gene Regulatory Factor" in the Journal of Cellular Physiology.
  • Dr. Hsiao-Huei Chen and her lab were published in Neural Regeneration Research. Read the paper “Activation of Tyrosine Phosphatases in the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease” here
  • Dr. Stephen Ferguson and his lab were recently published in Molecular Pharmacology. Read their paper on "Targeting VGLUT Machinery: Implications on mGluR5 Signaling and Behavior" here
  • Dr. Nafissa Ismail, Dr. Georg Northoff and Dr. Andra Smith were recently published in the International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience. Read their article on "the effects of gastrointestinal symptoms on structural grey matter volume in youth" here
  • Dr. Nafissa Ismail published her latest paper in Hormones and Behavior, which looks at the effect of oral contraceptives on brain structure and function. Read more about here.
  • Dr. Jeremie Lefebrve recently published "Activity-dependent myelination: A glial mechanism of oscillatory self-organization in large-scale brain networks" in PNAS. View the article here.
  • Dr. Hanns Lochmüller, Dr. Jodi Warman Chardon, Dr. Rashmi Kothary and Dr. Bernard Jasmin have all recently published exciting papers, highlighted in the NMD4C round-up article here
  • Dr. Jing Wang and her lab for published their paper, “Dysregulated expression of monoacylglycerol lipase is a marker for anti-diabetic drug metformin-targeted therapy to correct impaired neurogenesis and spatial memory in Alzheimer's disease” in Theranostics. Read the paper here.
  • Dr. Bernard Jasmin, along with lead author Dr. Christine Péladeau, was published in Nature Communication about their recent study which points the way toward novel therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Discover what this could mean here. 
  • Dr. Rashmi Kothary and Marc-Olivier Deguise were recently published in EBioMedicine, "Motor transmission defects with sex differences in a new mouse model of mild spinal muscular atrophy"


If there are publications we have missed, please contact Victoria Racher (, who will update the website right away.

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