Congratulations to our CIHR Awardees!

Publié le mardi 3 mars 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Maxime Rousseaux for his 5-year CIHR project grant on understanding the mechanisms of neuronal demise via a-Syn mislocalization in neurodegenerative diseases. His research has the potential to develop better treatments for Parkinson's patients.

Learn more about what Dr. Rousseaux is working on in his recent interview with the Parkinson's Foundation here

Congratulations to Dr. Jodi Edwards, awarded a CIHR project grant dedicated to examining how structural and electrical changes in the heart's shape can increase the risk of dementia in aging, with the goal of reducing risk for dementia.

Want to know more about how Dr. Edwards' is working to understand how the heart, brain and mind connect? Click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Greg Silasi on his CIHR project grant, focused on assessing how microinfarcts alter brain function and recovery after a major stroke. As 1/3 individuals over 65 have microinfarcts, understanding their impact can lead to improved rehabilitation methods.

Dr. Greg Silasi was featured in the uOBMRI's Brain Health Awareness Week in October. Watch his research presentation here

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Albert, awarded a CIHR project that will use innovative and novel approaches to enhance neuroplasticity and overcome antidepressants. This research can inform better treatment options for patients who do not respond to current antidepressant drugs.

Discover how Dr. Albert's work in depression research can be a "game-changer" here

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