Could leaky blood vessels be a target for treating migraines? 

Publié le lundi 5 novembre 2018

Migraine headaches are often accompanied by electrical waves that slowly move across the brain, causing flashes of light and other visual disturbances. Referred to as “migraine aura”, this phenomenon also affects the brain’s blood vessels, allowing large molecules from the blood to leak into the brain and cause inflammation and damage. New research led by Drs. Baptiste Lacoste, Cenk Ayata andChenghua Gu reveals for the first time exactly how the blood-brain barrier opens during a migraine attack, and how to stop it. Future research could lead to new treatments for migraine and other brain conditions such as stroke. Annals of Neurology published the research and its September cover will feature an image by Dr. Lacoste. See the OHRI website for details, including the photo caption.

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