Steffany Bennett

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Steffany Bennett

B.A. (Carleton), M.Sc. (ibid), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Pièce : Roger Guindon Hall, Rm 4260
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 8372
Courriel professionnel : [email protected]

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Dr Bennett's Neural Regeneration Laboratory focuses on two complementary research goals. We study the (a) regulation of neural stem cell and progenitor fate by connexin protein family members influencing neuroregeneration and (b) the role of glycerophospholipid neuromodulators in progressive neuronal dysfunction characterizing neurodegenerative disease. The overarching goals are to reduce the rate of neuronal loss associated with brain injury and facilitate cell replacement by mobilizing endogenous progenitor cell populations.


neurolipidomics, neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration, gap junctions, connexin, membrane biology, Alzheimer's Disease, stroke

Champs d'intérêt

  • Lipidomics of neurodegenerative disease: systems and cell biology approach to reverse neuronal vulnerability
  • A Targeting gap junction proteins to promote functional brain repair
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