Rébecca Robillard

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Rébecca Robillard
Assistant Professor

Bureau : (613) 722-6521 x 6279
Email : [email protected]



Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa 

Head Scientist, Clinical Sleep Research Platform, Sleep Research Unit 
Royal Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research

Dr Robillard is Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa School of Psychology and leads clinical sleep research at the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR). After completing her PhD in clinical neuropsychology, she obtained national awards to support her post-doctoral work in psychiatric sleep and chronobiology research. She has received the New Investigator Award of the Australasian Sleep Association, the Young Investigator Inspiration Award of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (ROMHC), and the Emerging Research Innovators in Mental Health award. Currently, her team investigates the interactions between mental illness, the sleeping brain and the sleeping heart. Dr Robillard is working in close collaboration with the ROMHC Sleep Clinic to implement a large scale multidisciplinary clinical research platform linking sleep and biological rhythms to psychiatric symptoms, cognition, neuroimaging, inflammatory markers, biomarkers of cardiovascular health, and genotypes at the intersection of sleep and mental disorders. Her work also seeks to optimise sleep and chronobiological interventions targeting mental disorders, with particular attention to depression. By supplementing standard clinical care with extended assessment and treatment options, her team hopes to promote new means of improving quality of life and accelerating recovery in people with mental disorders and sleep problems.


Champs d'intérêt

  • Sleep
  • Chronobiology
  • Mental Health
  • Mood Disorders
  • Heart Rate
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