Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie

Created in 1994, the Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie is an inter-governmental organization that brings together the federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for issues related to Francophones in their jurisdictions. The Conference, which meets once a year, focuses on collaboration, dialogue as well as a concerted approach in order to promote the growth and development of the Canadian Francophonie. In its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the Conference lists four strategic outcomes for increasing the recognition of the Canadian Francophonie: enhanced delivery of French-language services, initiatives that have an impact on the development of the Canadian Francophonie, the collaboration with key stakeholders, and greater promotion of the Canadian Francophonie. The activities of the Conference are administered on an ongoing basis by the Intergovernmental Network of the Canadian Francophonie which consists of federal, provincial and territorial public servants.

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