Iroquois Family

Group Subgroup Languages
Northern Group Susquehannock Mohawk: Lake Champlain, Montreal area
Oneida: south of Lake Ontario
Onondaga: south of Lake Ontario
Cayuga: south of Lake Ontario
Seneca: south of Lake Ontario
Susquehannock: Susquehanna River Valley (south of Lake Ontario)
Wendat Huron (or Wyandat): southeast of Georgian Bay
Erie: around Lake Erie (Ontario)
Southern Group Cherokee Cherokee: North Carolina
Iroquoian Family

The Iroquois family numbers some ten languages (45,000 speakers) spoken mainly in Ontario, but also in Quebec (Mohawk and Huron) and the United States (North Carolina).

The Huron language is considered extinct, though the Huron ethnic group lives in Wendake—better known as the Huron Village—near Quebec City. The Huron population began a marked decline in the mid-18th century. Hunted by the Iroquois, they sought refuge in Quebec in 1697, more specifically on the Wendake Indian Reserve. In 1740, only 400 to 1,000 individuals remained. In 1829, the community numbered only 179. Today, it includes over 2,800 Hurons, about 1,100 of whom live in Wendake (Huron Village).

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