Na-Dené Family

Group Languages
Haida Group Northern Haida: British Columbia
Southern Haida: British Columbia
Athapascan Group Sekani: British Columbia
Babine: British Columbia
Carrier: British Columbia
Chicoltin: British Columbia
Tahltan: British Columbia
Beaver: British Columbia and Alberta
Dogrib: Great Lakes
Chipewyan: Western Canada and N.W.T.
Slavey: British Columbia and N.W.T.
Yellowknife: N.W.T.
Sarsi: Alberta
Kaska: Yukon and N.W.T.
Tlingit Group Tlingit: British Columbia
Na Dene Language Family

The Na-Dené family numbers close to fifty languages divided into three main groups: Haida, Athapascan, and Tlingit. Most of these languages are spoken in the United States, but some twenty are spoken on British Columbia's Pacific coast and in western Canada (Alberta and the Northwest Territories).

The Haida group includes only two languages—Northern and Southern Haida—which are both spoken in British Columbia.

The Athapascan group is made up of Apache languages (Apache, Kiowa, Navajo), Beaver, Sekani, Babine, Chipewyan, Dogrib, Northern Slavey, Southern Slavey, Ingalit, Kasha, Tagish, Tutchone, etc.

The Tlingit group has but one language—Tlingit.

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