Ordonnance sur l'éducation (1957)


This act of 1957 belongs to the Education Regulations 1957. Article 43 of the Ordinance concerns the language of teaching in public and subsidised primary schools. Any language can be used as the language of teaching until the third grade, under certain conditions. From the fourth grade, English must be used.

The Education Ordinance 1957

(Original version)

First Schedule

Section 43

Medium of instruction and teaching of languages

1) In the lower classes of Government and aided primary schools up to and including Standard III, any one language may be employed as the medium of instruction, being a language which in the opinion of the Minister is most suitable for the pupils.

2) In Standards IV, V and VI of the Government and aided primary schools the medium of instruction shall be English, and conversation between teacher and pupils shall be carried on in English; provided that lessons in any other language taught in the school shall be carried on through the medium of that instruction.

3) The Minister may make provision for the teaching of languages other than English which are current in Mauritius, and for their study in any Government and aided primary school, and may require an Education Authority to make arrangements for such teaching in any of the primary schools under its control


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