Carrefour francophone

Did you know that our campus has a student lounge dedicated to the Francophonie? Since 2011, we have managed Carrefour francophone, a community resource and cultural centre where Francophone and Francophile students can socialize in French, thereby spreading and promoting the use of the French language. 

Visit us at UCU 026.

A room with glass doors where many tables, chairs and television flat screens can be found.

What can I do at the Carrefour?

  • You can simply have a chat with your friends.
  • You can get information about the French sociocultural life on campus and in the Ottawa region.
  • You can take part in the activities being held in its premises;
  • Or, you can hold an activity in French. This activity should be open to all students and should contribute to their sense of belonging to the Francophone and Francophile community on campus. Get in touch with the coordination agent to learn more about the booking policies.


The Carrefour francophone:

  • Serves as the hub of Francophone socio-cultural life for the University of Ottawa's Francophone and Francophile student population.
  • Aims to promote and develop French culture in Ontario by providing access to a wide array of resources and information centering on this matter while considering other French-language cultures.
  • Aims to help strengthen and consolidate the University of Ottawa's Francophone community and to prompt more networking in this community through activities organized in cooperation with specialists from both the university setting and the Ottawa region.

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