5 Ways to Help Eliminate Exam Stress

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2019

Author: Oluwafunmilola Aniyikaiye, Masters Student in Communication


Don’t panic! Preparing to take exams can be stressful. With so many deadlines in school accompanied by everyday demands, feeling stressed is inevitable. Most students will experience stress at some point during the academic year.

The great news is there are ways to get ahead of this and prepare to avoid getting worn-out during exam seasons. Try some of these ideas and see how much difference it can make.

1. Organize! Organize!! Organize!!!

Organizing helps you focus on one thing at a time without feeling overwhelmed. You are aware of what you need before they even come up. This might take the form of making study notes ahead of time, creating your study calendar or even storing away materials that seem less relevant during the exam season. Make sure to do this earlier in the term and you’re set to go!

2. Stay healthy – eat, sleep well and exercise

The worst thing that can happen is getting sick during exam seasons. Nobody wants that! It is therefore important to take care of yourself and ensure there is a balance. You may want to pull an all-nighter to prepare for an exam, but don’t! Getting good 7 or more hours of sleep per night will help increase your concentration level. Add some workout time in your routine and ensure you eat balances meals. This way you know that you are in charge!

3. Cut back on other commitments

Now is the time to weigh the scale. Make a list of all your commitments and eliminate those ones that you must do without in other to get enough time. This might mean cutting down on social commitments, and if you can, minimize your hours at work. This will take a lot of pressure off and allow you more time to study. So, drop some of the extra baggage!

4. Take regular breaks

Have you ever found yourself re-reading a page three times without much comprehension? You need to give yourself some breaks. Take a quick walk, stretch, meditate, get a drink or a snack. Whatever works for you! Spending a little time away from the books will leave you feeling more refreshed and relaxed when you get back to studying.

5. Plan a reward for yourself post-exam

Motivation comes from knowing that you have something planned for when it’s all done. Plan something nice for yourself like a day trip out of the city, a full day at the spa or maybe just a shopping spree. This will reward all your sacrifices and hard work, and you know that you deserve it! It will also help you avoid worrying because you’ll have done your best on all your finals.

Nobody knows you better than YOU do. So, be sure to add other measures you know may have worked for you in the past. STAY POSITIVE!

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Good luck!

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