The best apps for learning French

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2020

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Bonjour! So you want to learn the beautiful French language? Thinking of potentially taking second-language courses at uOttawa but would like to know about additional learning platforms? An easy way to learn on your own time is with an app.

We have compiled a list of some of the best apps for learning French, with the key features and cost for each one so that you can decide which is right for you.

duolingo logo - green owl

Cost: Free

Duolingo makes learning a new language easy and fun. It keeps you motivated for long periods of time because it feels like a game! Use this app to learn or develop reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation skills.

iOS | Android


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Rosetta Stone

Cost: $139.99 per year (three-day free trial)

Rosetta Stone is certainly an investment, but it offers a fully immersive learning experience. The app is entirely in French and will challenge you to learn intuitively. It uses speech recognition technology to allow you to practice speaking and provides feedback on your pronunciation.

iOS | Android


fluent u logo

Cost: $29.99 per month

FluentU teaches you French in an engaging and natural way. This app allows you to stream French video content such as movies, music videos and more so you can practise your language skills in a real-world setting. You can easily look up any word you don’t understand as well as practise grammar and conjugation.

iOS | Android


babbel logo

Cost: $19.99 per month (cheaper options available with longer subscriptions)

Babbel is a great app for learning conversational French that you can start using immediately. Material is organized in 15-minute lessons that allow you to learn quickly and on your own schedule. Regardless of your level, this app can teach you to converse on multiple topics such as travel, business and culture.

iOS | Android


logo busuu

Cost: $8.33 per month (limited free access)

Busuu will enable you to speak French like a native in no time. You follow a personalized study plan based on your own goals, which allows you to learn the basics as well as common slang and idioms. The app then allows you to practise and get feedback from real native speakers.

iOS | Android


memrise logo

Cost: $42.99 per year (limited free access)

MemRise develops your vocabulary by encouraging you to make connections between words and concepts. The app includes current video and audio clips, visualization through the use of images, as well as fun games to test what you’ve learned.

iOS | Android


logo drops

Cost: $92.99 per year (limited free access)

If you’re looking to learn French quickly before a trip, Drops is a great app. In easy five-minute sessions, this app teaches you travel-oriented words and phrases to enable you to converse with locals.

iOS | Android


logo mosalingua

Cost: Free

This app uses scientifically-proven learning methods to ensure long-lasting learning and maximum efficiency. A revision schedule is calculated for you that ensures that you learn what’s most useful first and then advance at a pace that furthers long-term memorization.

iOS | Android


brainscape logo
Brainscape Flashcards

Cost: $9.99 per month for pro (limited free access)

Brainscape uses audio flashcards to teach you the equivalent of four years of high school French classes. Each deck is strategically constructed to maximize your retention and help you go from basic vocabulary to advanced conversational topics.

iOS | Android


logo conjugueur
Le Conjugueur

Cost: $1.39

With Le Conjugueur, you can practise and perfect your French conjugation skills. This app simplifies one of the hardest parts of learning French with detailed explanations for different scenarios.

iOS | Android


To accompany your digital learning, the Julien Couture Resource Centre on campus is a one-stop shop for learning French as a second language. It offers French as a second language conversation workshops, educational resources, a film collection and study areas to support you throughout your journey. With tools available to you on and off campus, you’ll be on your way to mastering the French language in no time.

Bon apprentissage!

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