What I wish I knew during my first year of university

Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Author: Sara

What I wish I knew during my first year of university

Since we all know the basics: study early, take good notes, listen in class, etc.; I have made a different type of list regarding university outside of the classroom itself.

1. Changing programs is not the end of the world

Plenty of students change programs half way through their studies and you need to know that that’s okay! If you know that you are unhappy with the field of study you chose fresh out of high school, then why not go into something you know you’ll love!

2. Don’t take classes that are ‘‘easier” as electives

What class would you say is easy? I need a good grade to increase my GPA. I have heard this so many times! I honestly do not believe in easy classes and have never taken an “easy” class. All classes require a lot of work and if you choose a class that interest you instead of what is considered “easy” studying will be much easier and you’ll probably end up with a better mark.

3. The free drop-in fitness classes

The Sports Service here at the University of Ottawa offer free fitness drop-in classes. These classes run throughout the week making it easy for you to find one that matches with your schedule and they are a great way to move around and meet people!

4. Get in the habit of having a self care routine

I cannot stress this enough, having a self care routine in university is very important! This would include any activities that would improve your physical, emotional and mental health. Whether it’s watching a movie to relax after a long day, doing yoga or mediation, creating your own self care routine will improve your university experience as a whole.

5. Make acquaintances in all of your classes!

We will all miss a couple of classes (or more) here and there during a semester, it’s inevitable. Having acquaintances in all of your classes will make it easier for you to catch up on notes you weren’t able to take plus, when it’s time to study, having a study-buddy always helps.

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