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Big D's Dog House




Classic de poutine topped with sliced pogo

Coney Island

Meat sauce, diced onions and spicy mustard

Nacho Libre

Salsa, sour cream, Jalapeno cheese sauce, and Doritos

Muerte Taco

Homemade meat sauce, spicy sour cream, cheddar cheese, and Cool Ranch Doritos

Boom Boom Chicken

Popcorn chicken, bacon, banana peppers, BBQ/Ceasea dressing

Kicked up Mac

Elbow macaroni, Jalapeno aged cheddar cheese sauce, double smoked bacon


Fadi's Fab Foods 

Accept debit and credit cards


* Ask for our vegetarian gravy!

* Our chicken and beef is halal


Chicken Shawarma

Beef Donair

Canadian Bacon and Maple syrup

Mexican Taco poutine in a tortilla shell

General Tao

Pulled pork poutine

Vegetarian Options:

Season mixed vegetables poutine

Fruit poutine with pearl onions and balsamic glaze


Mr. Churritos


Specialty Bites

Churro pieces with the topping of your choice

Churro Poutine

Churro pieces, caramel, dark chocolate, and marshmallows

2 Filled Churros

2 Traditional Churros


Golden Fries

Accept debit and credit cards



Pulled Pork

Crispy Ring

Lobster Bacon Gravy

Deep Fried Curd Poutine


The Upper Deck

Accept debit and credit cards



Available: gluten free and vegetarian


Turkey, stuffing, cheese curds, and cranberry sauce

Available: gluten free if stuffing is not added

Meat the Classic

Fries, cheese curds, gravy and choice of Halifax Pepperoni, Italian Cart Sausage, Halifax Donair seasoned beef, bacon or Turkey

Available: gluten free except for the Italian Cart Sausage

Halifax Donair Poutine

Fries, cheese curds, diced tomatoes, diced onions, Halifax donair seasoned meat, sweet garlic sauce

Available: gluten free





Deep fried breaded St-Albert Cheese Curds

Popcurds Poutine

Fries, St-Albert cheese curds, gravy and PopCurds

Ultimate Popcurds Poutine

Fries, St-Albert cheese curds, gravy, bacon, chives, PopCurds and ranch sauce


Great Canadian Poutinerie

Accept debit and credit cards


* Available: vegetarian gravy or gluten free gravy


Chicken Bacon Ranch


Canadian smoked bacon, ground beef, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and maple syrup


Beef, bacon and chicken

Double bacon
Halal chicken

Speciality vegetarian

Vegetarian, vegan and halal friendly, the poutine comes with cooked onions and mushrooms

uOttawa Restaurants

Café Nostalgica

Accept debit and credit cards


* Vegan and gluten free sauce in all our poutine


Home fries, diced bacon, sausage, soft poached egg, and Hollandaise sauce


Crispy tempeh, kimchi, cheese curd and homemade gravy

GSD Poutine

Fries, beef or vegetarian gravy and cheese curds

Jerk Chicken

Pulled jerk chicken, homade gravy, and a lime mayonnaise

Pulled Pork

Fries, pulled pork, cheese curds, a drizzle of smoked BBQ sauce and homemade gravy

Donair Poutine

Fries, donair meat, cheese curds, homemade gravy, sriracha and garlic mayonnaise


Crispy Mac&Cheese bites, St-Albert cheese curds, gravy and zesty cheese drizzle

Desert Poutine

Funnel cake fries dusted with cinnamon sugar, mini marshmallows, hot fudge, caramel sauce and a forest berry coulis


Bac à frites 

Accept debit and credit cards



Smoked meat Poutine

Smocked meat with swiss cheese, cheese curds, fry onions and gravy.

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