Academic information

Academic integrity and continuity remains a priority. Our goal is to ensure that students can complete all courses in which they are currently registered and receive their evaluations and credits without any interruption.

In light of urgent recommendations by public health officials that ‘social distancing’ is the most effective means of protecting students, staff and faculty members from infection, the University is announcing that:

  • As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020 all in-person classes and labs in the current (Winter 2020) term will be moved to distance and online learning formats for the rest of the semester.
  • Plans are currently being developed for the exam period. Exams will not be taken in-person. More information will follow shortly.
  • The School of Nursing and the School of Medicine have suspended all clinical placements for CO-OP students.
  • The University remains open. Food services, libraries and other facilities and services remain accessible and open until further notice.
  • Students will be contacted through digital channels with specific arrangements as to how each course will be completed.


Events on campus

All the upcoming events are canceled.

uOttawa has already announced that in response to the Coronavirus threat and to reduce the risk of infection, specific measures have been implemented with respect to events on campus:

  • All uOttawa March Break camps have been cancelled.
  • The Open House for prospective undergraduate students scheduled for March 21 has been cancelled.
  • Any University event that involve visitors arriving from international destinations should be cancelled.

Based on recommendations by public health officials that ‘social distancing’ is an effective means of protecting individuals, the University understands that some events organized by external clients may be either canceled or postponed.

To facilitate the decision-making process, the University has decided to suspend the application of its Conventions and Reservations Terms and Conditions as it relates to cancellation fees for scheduled reservations on campus.

Until August 30, 2020, the University of Ottawa will not apply any cancellations fees to clients who choose to cancel their on-campus activity with a 10-calendar day’s notice. This cancellation fee measure only applies to reservations already made with uOttawa’s Conventions and Reservations service. All clients have been informed and the University is assisting them should they decide to cancel
their event.

COVID-19 self-declaration form

The University has produced a self-declaration form for students to request academic accommodations. If you cannot participate in course learning activities, write an exam or hand in an assignment for medical or other reasons due to changes in learning conditions caused by COVID-19, complete and submit the form found on the COVID-19 website within 10 business days of your absence or your assignment deadline. Please complete one form for each day you are requesting academic accommodations. You must also inform your professor as soon as possible if special arrangements must be made.

For more information on preventative measures or important updates, visit this website regularly.

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