Our approach for the fall

Given the public health safety measures required in response to COVID-19, the University of Ottawa has adapted its activities to a predominantly remote model in March 2020, as did all other post-secondary institutions across the country. Since that time, some on‐campus education and research activities have gradually been resumed.

As government regulations and public health measures evolve, and as Canada’s vaccination program progresses, the University is ramping up its planning efforts in support of a progressive return to on‐campus activities for both students and employees this coming fall.

Naturally, the situation will remain unpredictable during the coming weeks and months and we will continue to provide an iterative, agile, and flexible approach to ensure continued compliance with public health and safety requirements. Our ongoing diligence in this planning process will continue to rest on academic and administrative leaders, to help ensure a safe progressive return to campus for our students and employees.

Our vision

The vision for the uOttawa campus experience for the 2021‐2022 academic year is guided by the five pillars of the student experience:

  • Value‐added course offerings and learning activities
  • Residential life
  • Comprehensive campus‐wide programming
  • Academic support
  • Academic and administrative services

Guiding principles

All our planning continues to be governed by the following principles:

  • Health and safety, including the mental health and well‐being of all members of the uOttawa community remains our top priority
  • Continuity of academic, research, and administrative activities
  • Agility, flexibility, and iterative planning
  • Institutional principles and local solutions
  • Care and concern for our whole community

Finally, our Institutional Return to Campus Plan reiterates our institutional commitment to support and to work with our many alumni, friends, and collaborators in an innovative manner. To learn more about how uOttawa is coordinating its safe return to campus, please consult our Reintegration planning guidance (PDF 1.68 MB).

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