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It is recommended that every person must fill out the COVID-19 Daily Health Check-In form online before coming to campus.

Student update on 2022-2023 Academic year

Planning for the return to class in September 2022 is well underway. Naturally, we are still prioritizing the basic principles that have guided us since the start of the pandemic, namely our commitment to the health and safety of the University community along with the continuity of our activities.

During the upcoming spring-summer term, we will continue our efforts to offer more in-person courses. That said, we will continue to offer many courses in online, hybrid, or bimodal formats.

By the fall of the 2022 term, we aim to have students, even first-year students, take most of their courses on campus. The data we have gathered, through surveys and lessons learned over the past 18 months, allows us to expect that some 80-to-90% of enrolment will be in courses with in-person classes.

We also intend to maximize the number of spots in residence, offer a complete program of activities across campus, and provide all academic and administrative services in person.

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