International mentors during welcome week.

International Mentoring Centre

We offer a variety of valuable services to all University of Ottawa international and exchange students.
  • You are missing home and want to talk to someone who can relate to that experience 

  • You are new to Canada or Ottawa and want to know more about the country or the city 

  • You want to take part in sociocultural activities to meet new people 

  • You are experiencing some culture shock and want to learn how to cope 

  • You want to learn more about Canadian culture 

  • You want to discover tips and tricks to help you succeed academically in a new country 

  • You have questions about course enrolment

If any of these situations apply to you, or if you want to learn more about this mentoring program, the international mentors are here for you!

Meet our international mentors

Miha Ramaromanana

Miha Ramaromanana

Country: Madagascar 
Languages spoken: Malagasy (native), French (advanced), English (advanced), Spanish (intermediate)
Faculty: Social Sciences 
Program: Bachelor of Social Sciences, major in Sociology, minor in Psychology

"Coming to the University of Ottawa, I realized that it was a completely different environment than the one I was used to, but it also meant that I needed more time and more assistance to adapt. That is why I decided to join uOInternational and become a mentor. I want to help students through that adjustment period that is not always easy. I would be more than happy to help you with any question you might have and share with you my experience of life at the University of Ottawa and its beautiful community!"

Siqi Li

Siqi Li

Country: China 
Languages spoken: English (advanced), Mandarin (native), French (beginner)
Faculty: Health Sciences 
Program: Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

"I came to Canada two years ago to study at university. Just like many other international students, I also faced challenges, such as language barriers and culture shock. Therefore, I totally understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be for international students when they step into a completely new environment for the first time. Fortunately, so many people here offered me help and made my adaptation smoother and easier. This is why I am determined to do the same and to share my experiences and knowledge with other international students. I aim to help them make the most of their time at the University of Ottawa by helping them explore their interests, make new friends, and feel accepted."

Anne Musene

Anne Musene

Country: Haiti
Languages Spoken: English (advanced), French (native), Spanish (native), Haitian Creole (intermediate)
Faculty: Social Sciences 
Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Development and Globalization

"When I came to Canada, I faced various issues such as adapting to the education system, integrating myself, performing well in class, making friends, and accessing necessary services. However, during this period, I have received countless help from community advisors, the locals, and mentors, which have made my integration experience all the better. Having pushed through these barriers, I completely understand how stressful these challenges can be. Therefore, I wanted to become a mentor not only as a way to thank those who helped me adapt, but also as a way to give back to the community, and help international students have a wonderful experience here at the University of Ottawa."

Allen Antony Peter

Allen Antony Peter

Country: India 
Languages: English (advanced), Hindi (native), Malayalam (advanced), French (beginner) and Punjabi (beginner)
Faculty: Telfer School of Management 
Program: Honours in Bachelor of Commerce, Finance major 

"When I first landed in Canada, I found it quite hard to adjust with a completely new culture and the University life especially being away from home and leaving a lot of things behind. I faced huge struggles transitioning to a completely new social, academic, and cultural environment. uOInternational was my first point of contact that helped me remove this barrier. Today being an International Mentor, I am honoured. I can proudly say that being that first point of contact to help international students achieve their academic dreams and give back to the community which once helped me overcome is what I really strive for."

Steven Zonghan Guo

Steven Zonghan Guo

Country: China
Languages Spoken: English (advanced), Mandarin (native)
Faculty: Health Sciences
Program: Master of Human Kinetics, concentration in Sport Management 

"Hi, I am Steven, an international student from China who has lived in Victoria, BC, for the last seven years. Moving from the west coast of Canada to Ottawa to continue chasing my academic excellence brings many difficulties. As one of you, you are not alone in facing anxiety, loneliness, culture shocks and many more barriers. This is why, I am determined to join uOInternational to stand together with you to provide supportive help. I am a huge believer in experience, and we care about your experience in school and your living in Ottawa."

Luana Ntegure

Luana Ntegure

Country: Rwanda 
Languages spoken: French (advanced), English (advanced), Kinyarwanda (native), German (Intermediate)
Faculty: Health Sciences 
Program: Honours Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences 

"As an international student, arriving in an unfamiliar environment can be a nerve-wracking experience. For me, this experience was made a lot easier thanks to the help of many people who helped me adapt and provided me with the support and resources for me to thrive in my university life. Joining uOInternational was a way for me to give back and help others with challenges, questions and anything that would facilitate their experience at the University of Ottawa." 

Vansh Mallick

Vansh Mallick

Country: India
Languages spoken: English (advanced), Hindi (native), Punjabi (native), French (beginner)
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Program: Honours Bachelor of Science with major in Biomedical Science and minor in Computer Science

"Being an international student, when I first came to Canada, travelling far away from my home country for school and adapting to a new culture was difficult. Along with all of that, maintaining a good academic record, working, and finding a work-life balance were challenging. I was confused and had many questions, but after contacting the international office and academic advisors, I found the answers to all of my issues, learned more about Canadian culture, and received help and resources to make my life at the university simpler. And so, here I am, honoured to be an international mentor at the University of Ottawa, providing assistance to international students coming from around the world to achieve their academic endeavours and make their univeristy life better and easier."

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Hours of operation

September 1 to May 31:
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding Thursdays from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

June 1 to August 31:
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Exam periods 
By appointment only (international mentors are also writing exams).

For more information on exam periods and other dates, please check the list of important academic dates and deadlines.