Gain in-demand job skills while learning about global citizenship and being recognized as an active global citizen.

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In an era of globalization and new technologies, employers are looking for people with intercultural skills and global citizenship values.

The uOGlobal recognition program offers you experiential learning, self-reflection opportunities, training and cross-cultural seminars. To be certified, you must complete courses and experiential activities. 

Discover new perspectives and make an impact on the world and on the global labour market. With the skills you acquire, you’ll stand out for employers everywhere.   

Develop your global skills 

  • Intercultural communication 

  • Critical thinking and decision-making 

  • Cooperation and teamwork, leadership, engagement, positive attitude 

  • Creativity and innovation 

  • Sensitivity to different cultures, realities and perspectives 

  • Resilience and adaptability

Enhance your global citizenship values  

  • Respect for difference, diversity, empathy, solidarity and shared values 

  • Commitment to a peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, equitable and sustainable world 

  • Being active and taking ethical responsibility, locally and globally 

  • Believing you share a common humanity and environment

Go beyond your academic experience! 

The uOGlobal program recognizes the skills you acquire through intercultural and international experiences, in Canada and abroad. You receive recognition on your official transcript, along with a certificate at the end of the program to confirm your work and achievements. What’s more, you have access to exclusive scholarships. 

Enrolling in uOGlobal


All uOttawa undergraduate students are eligible, including one-year exchange students, if you can enrol in both required courses. Saint Paul University students can also enroll. 

There are no weekly classes with uOGlobal, as the material is available on Brightspace but there are discussion groups and 6 classes/cross cultural seminars to attend.  All cross cultural seminars are mandatory and will be in person for 2023-2024.

Undergraduate students - 3 credits

Note: We recommend that undergraduate and part-time students (except those in medicine, education or law) complete at least 24 units before applying for uOGlobal recognition.

Step 1: Enroll in GLO 49011 (fall) and GLO 49012 (winter) through uoZone during the course enrolment period.  

Step 2: Pay the enrolment incidental fees: $56 for the Fall term and $56 for the Winter term. 

Important:  Incidental fees are refundable only if you withdraw from the GLO courses by the deadline for withdrawal with refund. 

The GLO courses count as elective or additional courses in your program. The workload for each course is equal to that of a 1.5-unit course per term.  

Undergraduates earn three units by passing both courses.  Students must also write a final report about their uOGlobal experience.  

For more information about enrolment, courses, withdrawal and reimbursement, see the important academic dates and deadlines

To receive uOGlobal  recognition, you must submit 1 learning plan, pass the 2 parts GLO course, submit your final report, and complete 3 experiential activities.

uOGlobal recognition logo

To get your uOGlobal recognition certificate, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 learning plan.
2 parts uOGlobal (GLO) courses.
3 experiential activities.
Find out about the requirements and the pathway to receive uOGlobal recognition.

uOGlobal community

The uOGlobal community is made up of former program participants who have developed their global skills and received uOGlobal certification. Being part of this community means you’re socially committed and a global citizen. 

The uOGlobal community is committed to local and international improvement and to furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Livia Sala Fresneda
Student experience

“uOGlobal helped me become a confident, innovative, and risk-taking employee thanks to the valuable advice and support of employer partners.”

Livia Sala Fresneda

— Student, Honours in International Economics and Development, Faculty of Social Sciences

uOGlobal partners

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Connecting locally and globally through uOGlobal

The program seeks to provide students with intercultural experiences, at home and abroad, to better prepare them to succeed.
Students planning an international exchange.

Shaping tomorrow’s global workforce

Those who will thrive in the workforce of tomorrow will need a twenty-first-century skillset.
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Power Corporation gift nurtures global citizens

Students at uOttawa will soon have new opportunities to gain the international experience needed to succeed in today’s global economy.

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