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Sexual assault and sexual harassment

No one has the right to touch you without your permission. A sexual assault is any unwanted touching of a sexual nature and includes rape. Rape is unwanted sexual intercourse and an act of violence that takes away your power. If you are sexually assaulted or raped, you are not to be blamed. Even if the person who assaulted you did not use a weapon, they may still be charged of assault or rape. Sexual assault or rape occurs even if you had agreed to be intimate with someone at first, but then changed your mind. Even your boyfriend or husband can be found guilty of rape or assault.

Protection Services is here to help if you wish to report a sexual assault or even just to talk to someone. We can file a report, but if you don’t wish to pursue the matter with the police or the assailant, we will respect your decision. By telling us what happened, you can help us prevent similar crimes in the future and you can be referred to the proper services for help and support. If you wish to pursue the matter with the police, we will help you understand the process.

You can reach Protection Services by dialling 613-562-5499 or in case of emergency by calling 613-562-5411. You can also visit our website to learn about the prevention programs and emergency tools we offer such as the Rape Aggression Defense course, the Foot Patrol service (provided by SFUO) and the emergency phones placed throughout campus.

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Victims of harassment and discrimination

At any time, you can contact the Harassment and Discrimination Officer at the Human Rights Office to discuss your concerns and get information, support and advice.

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Victims of aggression and sexual assault

You can reach Protection Services by dialling 613-562-5499 or in case of emergency by calling 613-562-5411 or you can contact the Police by calling 911.

For 24 hour crisis response please use the following crisis response lines:

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