An Introduction to Ottawa’s ENGO and Industry Associations

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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On Wednesday, October 2nd the University of Ottawa’s Master’s of Environmental Sustainability (MES) students were treated to a panel presentation where we heard from five local ENGOs and industry associations. This event was hosted and organized by the Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), a national research network and policy think-tank based at the University and the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment (IE). The goal of the event was to allow us to hear from ENGOs, and get an opportunity to network with these knowledgeable professionals.

The panel speakers who joined us were:

  • Adam Auer, the Vice-President of Environmental Sustainability at the Cement Association of Canada, who talked about the Association’s four (plus a bonus!) low-carbon and environmental policy priorities.
  • Vanessa Corkal, Policy Analyst in Energy at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (ISSD) who gave an overview of IISD’s mission and five program areas – including resilience, energy, and water.
  • George Greene, the Founding Chair of Stratos and also our professor in Environmental Policy, who provided us with a quick glance of Stratos’ pan-Canadian work in natural resource management.   
  • Lauren Latour, Climate Ambition Coordinator at the Climate Action Network who spoke of CAN-Rac’s involvement in the Green New Deal plan and community engagement. 
  • Meg Ogden, Senior Program Manager and Tim Tursunbayev, Program Coordinator at Evergreen who gave details on the Community Solutions Network, a program of Future Cities Canada.    

In case we weren’t able to properly network before the panel began, we were provided with the email addresses of all the speakers. This special touch is uncommon but truly helpful and appreciated as it now gives us the opportunity to easily contact these environmental leaders. After all, who wouldn’t want to have coffee with each and every one of these accomplished people? 

It was great to have made such connections, especially so early in our career. Thank you to the five presenters, to SPI, to the IE, and to all others involved in this project. I for one am thankful for this opportunity, and am looking forward to meeting with one of the panelists who has already agreed to tell me more about their fascinating work. (I can’t wait!)


Beverley Hinterhoeller

MES Student, University of Ottawa

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